About Us

Neoture is leading in sector of Wood Plastic Composites (WPC) materials. We think that using high quality, eco-friendly and easy to maintenance materials is more a lifestyle than just a simple advantage.

The WPC materials is an innovation material with the looking, texture and warmth of the traditional wood but with the resistance and durability of more advanced polymers.

We offer outdoor materials made of  wpc as decking, tiles, wall panels  and fencing.

Leader in the Market

We are the first. The specialization in WPC materials from the very beginning is making us leaders in the outdoor business.

The innovations traced us from the beginning, being one of the first companies in the production of WPC in the market. We are researching the compound, applications and techniques since many years ago. We take control of the full production process, from the first step until the last one. All the products are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards.

Constant Innovation: Nature + Technology

The raw materials to produce WPC are wood fibers and recycled polymers. They are mixed with stabilizing additives and colorants in high temperature. The result is a stable compound with a unique properties.

This composite material is extruded in different moulds to obtain profiles with variety of dimensions and formats as outdoor decking, wall panels and fencing.

To use the high quality raw materials and control the methods is fundamental to get the best products.

High-quality Products

The Wood Plastic Composite is one step ahead in the business of outdoor decks, cladding and fencing panels.

The outdoor areas are susceptible to an intensive weathering. It is mainly to use strong and durable materials which need minimal care.

Wood Plastic Composite is a outdoor wood that keep stable without need to paint or apply oils to conserve their properties. The possibilities are so huge that WPC become the main alternative to natural wood in outdoors usages.

Eco-friendly Concept

Neoture believes that a sustainable policy is fundamental in all the process.

Each day we are working to find better ways to reduce the environmental impact.

A main key in our business is to work with eco-friendly, long-lasting and low maintenance products.

We don’t consider necessary to cut more trees when we have enough raw materials to be recycled. We believe in the cycle of life of the products and this is possible using recycled materials.

The Wood Plastic Composite products are used in outdoor because their warmth, eco-friendly, low maintenance and high durability over time.