NeoBlock – Section NeoCros

WPC Fencing composed of boards model NeoCros and central posts

Components of the section (distance between two central posts)

Composed of planks model NeoCros that are installed one on top of each other to reach the height. A support clip is placed between profiles (Separation 5 mm). In this way, the wind passes through the fence and avoids the “candle effect”, especially in areas with strong winds. At the same time,the profiles are fitted into the metal “U” bards settled in the posts. The maximum length of each section is 220 cm (length of the planks), although into the installation, it can be cut to any length. The enclosure section also includes a reinforcement post or a metal rod, to be placed in the rear, or inserted, in the middle distance of each section.




Length: 220 cm












Support clip

Gap 5 mm
Ref. CU05P

Available options:

Main posts: Metal post.

Available in standard heights of 110 and 220 cm, although you can cut into installation to fit any height.. The post has a base support that can be anchored with the fasteners included in the kit. If the pavement is sandy or others you can also concrete the posts to the ground.

Table of heights

ref. model boards per section dimensions (cm)
NC015220 Tramo NeoCros 015 1 2,2 x 14,7 x 220
NC030220 Tramo NeoCros 030 2 2,2 x 29,4 x 220
NC045220 Tramo NeoCros 045 3 2,2 x 44,1 x 220
NC060220 Tramo NeoCros 060 4 2,2 x 58,8 x 220
NC075220 Tramo NeoCros 075 5 2,2 x 73,5 x 220
NC090220 Tramo NeoCros 090 6 2,2 x 88,2 x 220
NC105220 Tramo NeoCros 105 7 2,2 x 102,9 x 220
NC120220 Tramo NeoCros 120 8 2,2 x 117,6 x 220
NC135220 Tramo NeoCros 135 9 2,2 x 132,3 x 220
NC150220 Tramo NeoCros 150 10 2,2 x 147,0 x 220
NC165220 Tramo NeoCros 165 11 2,2 x 161,7 x 220
NC180220 Tramo NeoCros 180 12 2,2 x 176,4 x 220
NC190220 Tramo NeoCros 190 13 2,2 x 191,1 x 220
NC210220 Tramo NeoCros 210 14 2,2 x 205,8 x 220


Without splinter, split, crack, or rot. No more painting, staining or sealing.


Sanded surface for a natural wood look, available in variety of finishes and colors.


Stands up to harsh weather.


Recycled raw materials. Eco-friendly.


Wide selection of sizes and options.

Easy to Install

Special tools not required. All accessories included.

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