NeoBlock – Section NeoLack

WPC Fencing of overlapping boards Model NeoLack

Panel components (without visible central posts)

Composed of boards model NeoLack, it is a system of overlapping panels. Any height and length can be achieved. For its assembly, the pieces have a special format where they are screwed to the metal tube so that when overlapping the top mud all the screws are hidden. Once the system is installed, there is a continuous “blind” panel with no boards separation. This system has a single-sided view, since there are no central posts, the back side will be composed of the galvanized metal support.


Length: 220 cm










Wood Wood Grain


Coffee Wood Grain


Grey Wood Grain


Sand Wood Grain


Galvanized metal posts.

Galvanized metal bar of 4×4 cm (rear of the enclosure) Available in height 220 cm. Can be cut to any length to fit the height of the enclosure. A bar is placed every 50 cm distance and will serve as a support for screwing the NeoLack boards that make up the enclosure. The metal bards can be screwed to the floor or concrete to sand or other surface.

End Cover “L”

Dimensions 5×5 cm, length: 220 cm. It is used to finish the top of the enclosure. Available in 4 colors: Wood, Coffee, Grey and Sand.

Table of heights

ref. model boards per section dimensions (cm)
NL015220 Tramo NeoLack 015 1 6 x 13,5 x 220
NL030220 Tramo NeoLack 030 2 6 x 27,0 x 220
NL040220 Tramo NeoLack 040 3 6 x 40,5 x 220
NL055220 Tramo NeoLack 055 4 6 x 54,0 x 220
NL070220 Tramo NeoLack 070 5 6 x 67,5 x 220
NL080220 Tramo NeoLack 080 6 6 x 81,0 x 220
NL095220 Tramo NeoLack 095 7 6 x 94,5 x 220
NL110220 Tramo NeoLack 110 8 6 x 108,0 x 220
NL120220 Tramo NeoLack 120 9 6 x 121,5 x 220
NL135220 Tramo NeoLack 135 10 6 x 135,0 x 220
NL150220 Tramo NeoLack 150 11 6 x 148,5 x 220
NL160220 Tramo NeoLack 160 12 6 x 162,0 x 220
NL175220 Tramo NeoLack 175 13 6 x 175,5 x 220
NL190220 Tramo NeoLack 190 14 6 x 189,0 x 220
NL200220 Tramo NeoLack 200 15 6 x 202,5 x 220
NL215220 Tramo NeoLack 215 16 6 x 216,0 x 220


Without splinter, split, crack, or rot. No more painting, staining or sealing.


Sanded surface for a natural wood look, available in variety of finishes and colors.


Stands up to harsh weather.


Recycled raw materials. Eco-friendly.


Wide selection of sizes and options.

Easy to Install

Special tools not required. All accessories included.

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